Services - internet


36 Mbit/s.
1 month
15 AZN


45 Mbit/s.
1 month
18 AZN


60 Mbit/s.
1 month
25 AZN


70 Mbit/s.
1 month
30 AZN


85 Mbit/s.
1 month
35 AZN

If your region is not on the list, please indicate the region you want to join in the registration section at the time of application.

All telecommunication services provided by our company are organized according to international standards based on the latest, new generation network technologies. Cables used for the transmission of fiber optic internet services provided by us are guaranteed by specialists for at least 20 years. It is also the only technology in the market of home subscribers that provides not only the implementation of the concept but also access to the Internet in one package.


- High-speed Internet access


- Internet access even when there is no phone line


- High speed data transfer up to 100/1000 Mbps within the network


- Symmetric channel (fast input equals fast output speed)


- The maximum reliability of the network, that the communication has a stable high transmission quality

There is no limit to the amount of traffic you will use! Guaranteed 'High speed' symmetrical internet service over fiber optic cable.

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