About us

"SparkTel" LLC is a telecommunication and internet service provider in Azerbaijan. In 2015, the company   in the wireless market, offering internet as well as data (DATA services) and transmission network   was established in order to work. The company's network is in Baku city and all regions. in Azerbaijan   "SparkTel" LLC has been operating in the alternative telecommunications sector since 2015, since its foundation   provides IT, telecommunication and communication services to its customers and, in addition to the favorable price advantage,   connects its users to the global network with problem-free and high-quality internet. "SparkTel" LLC individual and   a significant alternative in the field of telecommunications with distinctive service and services to its corporate clients   provides. "SparkTel" LLC aims to provide the best customer experience with quality, fast internet and   By providing communication services, it responds immediately to the needs and expectations of its customers.

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